Cycloscope™ is an exclusive product line for cell DNA content studies by flow cytometry.

Cycloscope™ CD10-CD19-CD20-CD22 is a kit used for the analysis of DNA of B-cells populations in bone marrow samples.

This kit has been optimized in order to identify B-cells with the purpose of studying, in research, the proliferative rate (proportion of cells in G0/G1, S and G2/M phases of cell cycle) and the existence of DNA aneuploidy of this cell population.

Sample stained with Cycloscope™ CD10-CD19-CD20-CD22

Cycloscope™ CD10-CD19-CD20-CD22 contains the following components:

  • Mix of purified antibodies: CD10, CD19, CD20 and CD22
  • FITC-secondary antibody
  • Erythrocyte lysis solution
  • DNA labelling solution

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